Long-Term Care Workforce Plan Released

May 18th, 2015

The Columbia Willamette Workforce Collaborative is pleased to announce the release of a workforce plan for the long-term care industry.

Long-term care is a growing and indispensable segment of our economy. Assisted living centers, nursing homes, home health agencies and other facilities provide medical care and services for children and adults living with chronic health problems. As the population ages, the need for a skilled workforce to serve this need will be amplified.

Through the direct engagement of businesses, several workforce challenges for the industry were identified including a high staff turnover rate and difficulty attracting young people to careers in long-term care. The Collaborative has designed strategies and outcomes to meet these workforce needs and will be implementing the workforce plan over the next 2 years. Stay tuned for a report on our progress!    

The Columbia Willamette Workforce Collaborative is a partnership between Worksystems, Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council and the Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County. Health Care is one of four target industries where we are concentrating our workforce training efforts.