Youth Career/College Readiness Model Gains National Attention

November 15th, 2013

Worksystems has developed a competency-based model to objectively asses a young person’s readiness for college and careers that is receiving national attention.  
Working with our partners in the Career Connect Network, we have created measurable and observable skills that youth must demonstrate proficiency in to signal their readiness for a variety of levels of work experiences and/or college. These skills are valued by employers and are in the areas of self-management, proactive communication, reliability and taking initiative.  
Customized curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of youth while still ensuring that the achievement outcomes remain constant. 
Our success in pioneering this innovative approach was recognized by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and we were asked to present the model at their recent National Youth Symposium along with our partner, IRCO.