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  • Date posted:
    September 6th, 2019
    Worksystems is currently managing a suite of training activities - referred to as the Community Construction Training Program - that is explicitly focused on training women and people of color for the construction trades. Through investments made by local contractors and public agencies, 278 people have been trained for a career in the construction industry over the last two years. 83% are women and people of color. The current investors include Hoffman and JE Dunn , through their work on two Multnomah County Project Labor Agreement Projects, Metro and Mortenson on the Hyatt Convention Center...// Read more
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  • Date posted:
    August 1st, 2019
    The Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity (MAWE) has been selected to receive a Building Diversity award from the Daily Journal of Commerce ! MAWE is an historic partnership between community-based organizations who advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the construction sector, certified pre-apprenticeship programs, the Carpenters, Operating Engineers, Laborers, other Building Trades unions, and diverse construction contractors. Worksystems supports and coordinates the efforts of the coalition. MAWE works to promote economic opportunity and equity in workforce and contracting and...// Read more
  • Date posted:
    July 31st, 2019
    This powerful opinion piece was featured in the Oregonian on July 28, 2019 and signed by more than 20 business and community leaders, including Worksystems Executive Director Andrew McGough and Workforce Board member Carl Moyer. Authored by Debbie Kitchin, Randy Miller, and Stephen Percy. What does the Bay Area have to teach Portland about affordable housing, equity, and homelessness? A lot, it turns out. Last spring, a diverse group of nearly 100 Portlanders visited the Bay Area to learn from leaders in business, technology, health care, government, nonprofits, real estate, the arts,...// Read more
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    July 30th, 2019
    In an effort to support and invest in the local communities where they operate, PepsiCo featured their partnership with Worksystems' SummerWorks program in their U.S. Summer Edition corporate newsletter. PepsiCo has provided work experiences to young adults in our region where they have served as Youth Ambassadors at numerous events including the 10th Annual Portland World Soccer tournament, which celebrates cultural traditions and diversity, and Meals 4 Kids, a Meals on Wheels program that offers expanded summertime lunch service for children and families in need. Thank you PepsiCo for your...// Read more