Monday, October 10, 2022

Thanks to a new collaboration between Intel, Worksystems, Portland Community College, Worksource, and the City of Hillsboro, it’s faster and easier than ever before to train to enter the semiconductor industry. // Read more

The Self Sufficiency Standard for Oregon Counties, 2017

Date posted: 
January 11th, 2018

Developed by Dr. Diana  Pearce, Director of the Center for Women's Welfare at the University of Washington, the Self-Sufficiency Standard measures how much income a family of a certain composition in a given place in Oregon must earn to meet their basic needs, without public or private subsidies. The standard factors in the cost of six basic needs calibrated to the specific costs for a particular county in Oregon: child care, food, health, housing, transportation, and miscellaneous. // Read more

Friday, January 12, 2018

Worksystems is pleased to release the 2017 Self-Sufficiency Standard, a measure of how much income a family of a certain composition in a given place in Oregon must earn to meet their basic needs without public or private subsidies. Developed by Dr. // Read more

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We are excited to announce the release of the 2014 Self Sufficiency Standard for Oregon Counties. // Read more

Worksystems Releases Aligned Partner Model and Policies

Date posted: 
June 2nd, 2014

A prolonged period of economic volatility, skyrocketing need, and budget reductions left public agencies and non-profits unable to meet the demand for services that help people move toward self-sufficiency. Recognizing the growing expectation that more be done with less, Worksystems created an innovative model that connects the public workforce system and local agencies serving populations in need. // Read more

Housing Works Partners Release Policy Recommendations

Date posted: 
February 3rd, 2014

In July 2012, The Portland-Vancouver region received a Department of Labor grant to support Housing Works - a bi-state collaborations between three workforce investment boards and four public housing authorities to develop a model to effectively train and place long term housing residents into sustainable employment. As one of only a handful of pilot sites, the project is charged with producing proven practices that are replicable nationally. Worksystems serves as the lead agency for the grant. // Read more

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Worksystems has awarded $5,000 each to four engineering students as part of our new tuition assistance program. Through an exciting new partnership with the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, we are providing additional financial support to students in the Chamber's scholarship program who are pursuing degrees in advanced manufacturing and IT/software occupations to help them finish their school work and find employment.
Monday, April 8, 2013

Worksystems was recently featured on a national webinar to discuss our approach to equity and workforce development in the construction field. John Gardner, Director of Business Services, outlined our workforce development strategies and initiatives to address employment inequities in the industry including: // Read more


The Prosperity Planner is a career and financial planning tool that helps people understand how much money they need to earn to be self sufficient. By using this tool, job seekers can create a budget that covers their basic living necessities and identify resources to help lower their expenses. The Planner can also be used to explore career options to determine which ones will provide enough income to achieve financial independence and to create a career plan to get the necessary skills. // Read more

Disconnected Youth in the Portland Metro Region, 2010

Date posted: 
September 12th, 2014

Roughly 14,000 youth in the City of Portland, Multnomah and Washington Counties are considered to be disconnected, meaning that they are neither in school nor employed. This respresents 11% of youth in our region.

This report examines the demographics of this at-risk population.  // Read more