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Thanks to everyone for your continued and committed service to our community as the COVID-19 coronavirus situation continues to evolve. We want to assure our staff, board and partners that we are closely monitoring this rapidly changing situation and have made some business decisions to support guidance issued by government officials and medical professionals in response to the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Pursuant to directives and guidance issued by Governor Brown, we are encouraging Worksystems staff to telecommute starting March 16 through March 31 to coincide with the school closure timeframe announced yesterday. We will re-evaluate this as new guidance is issued. To be clear, we are not closing and staff are available and working during normal business hours. We have been preparing for this possibility for several weeks and have technology in place to conduct regular business remotely. A few specifics:

  • In the event that we need to convene an in-person meeting, we will follow the guidance issued that restricts the number of participants to no more than 25 and maintains a social distancing of 3 ft between participants. However, wherever possible, we will move in-person meetings to online/remote platforms.
  • Worksystems staff will participate in meetings hosted by our partners through whatever remote options are available or in-person if that is deemed necessary.
  • The only large event that we had scheduled is the Opportunity Youth Job Fair on April 11. That event has been postponed.
  • Continue to contact Worksytems staff like you always have via phone and email. We are working.
  • Our contractors will continue to be paid on the usual payment cycle and process during this time. We are reaching out to contractors who are not yet set up to receive electronic payments to enroll as many as possible. For those who prefer a paper check, that will be provided.
  • We defer to our partners and contractors to determine guidance appropriate for your staff and worksites.

Thanks for all you do for our community.

Best Regards,


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