There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building and sustaining the skilled workforce necessary to support a thriving community. It takes creative thinking, customized policies and innovative solutions tailored to the specific workforce needs of people and businesses. We have the expertise, resources and partnerships necessary to get people working, keep them working, and make sure businesses – particularly those in key regional industries such as advanced manufacturing, construction, high tech, and health care – have the talent they need to thrive.

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We are especially focused on ensuring that underserved populations, including low-income individuals and unemployed people of color, have access to resources and training that will help them find and keep work. We work with our broad network of culturally specific, community-based partners to make certain that the public workforce system is accessible to all.

Our expert team has the talent and know-how to meet the specific needs of both businesses and workers. We’re knowledgeable and experienced. We know the workforce requirements of business and the local labor pool better than anyone. We raise money, design programs, and enlist the right partners to get people the training local business needs to compete and grow.

In this economy, every dollar counts. We pursue and manage resources to fund programs and build partnerships that help get and keep people working. We maximize our investments to build a workforce that meets the needs of key industry sectors and creates opportunity for those who need it most.

Our strongest asset is our network of community partners. We bring together employers, labor groups, government, community colleges, high schools, community-based and economic development organizations, creating a network of collaborators you can’t find anywhere else. By working together, our economy grows, our pool of homegrown talent grows, and our competitive edge grows.

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