Debi Delamarter


Debi serves as an Accounting Specialist, primarily accounts payable, cash receipts, some billing, and a large variety of other assigned tasks, as members of the Fiscal staff do. She joined Worksystems in May 2017, and was one of the faithful few required to come into the office one day per week for check runs during the pandemic.

She has served in Accounting with previous employers, from everything to an Apple Computer reseller to an oil refinery. Debi enjoys supporting her teams but also thrives on single-effort projects. She is all about service to others.

Born in Michigan, she grew up in SoCal, met and married her husband there before moving back to his home state of Oregon. Now widowed, Debi loves spending time at home with her two miniature pinschers, enjoys creative cooking when time allows, and has served her church for nearly 25 years by preparing weekly bulletins and running weekly Power Points for services.

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