Lindsey Davis


Lindsey is a firm advocate for equitable access to public resources, believing that such resources should be readily available and easy to navigate for everyone in our community, especially for those who have been systematically and historically excluded from them. This vision is at the heart of Lindsey’s work, and they are committed to breaking down funding barriers and supporting opportunities for all young people to succeed. In 2021, Lindsey joined Worksystems, where they continue to pursue this vision.

Throughout their career, Lindsey has partnered with a diverse range of organizations, including government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, and private sector employers. They approach their work with a person-centered perspective, recognizing that it takes a collective effort to support the next generation of workers and community leaders.

When not working, Lindsey can often be found digging in the soil, floating in water, or navigating the world with a good map.

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