Every four years, in accordance with the federal Workplace Opportunity and Investment Act (WIOA), Worksystems publishes a plan comprising a comprehensive account of our strategy, vision, goals, programming, services, and activities. In addition to helping ensure that our operations are transparent and carried out in the best interests of the communities we serve, this plan provides a detailed description of the regional workforce system, the state of the local economy, and prevailing labor market conditions. It also outlines how Worksystems uses this information and infrastructure to inform and support our strategic goals in pursuit of our over-arching objective – creating a broad, equitable, and inclusive prosperity for our region and its people. Our most recent plan covers the period from 2024-2028.

As required by law, our draft WIOA plan is available for public review and comment. If you would like to comment on the plan, please do so via e-mail to localplancomment@worksystems.org. Comments will be accepted through March 1, 2024.

A link to a .pdf copy of the plan can be found below.


Worksystems_WIOA Plan_2024-2028

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