We accelerate economic growth by improving the quality of the regional workforce so that business has the skilled people they need to compete and grow and people have the right mix of skills to get ahead. This takes creative thinking, new approaches, strong partnerships, and a variety of customized solutions to meet the needs of both business and job seekers.

Research shows a positive return on investment for programs funded by Worksystems

A leading research firm, Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), recently conducted a study analyzing the cost-benefit of Worksystems’ 2009 adult, dislocated worker and youth workforce investments as well as the impact of our overall operations on the regional economy. The study found that our combined investments generated a cumulative added value of $5.17 in taxable income for every $1 dollar spent. This benefit impacts our regional economy through higher earnings for program participants, increased output for businesses, added tax receipts for government, and a reduced burden on taxpayers.

The study also found that Worksystems’ operating expenditures directly and indirectly generated $5.4 million in regional income and supported 67 jobs in the regional economy. Furthermore, our investments in community service providers and local businesses generated an additional $19.5 million in regional income and supported 447 jobs.

Our investments have proven results and the impact of the programs and services that we fund is widespread.

  • Since 1998, we’ve invested nearly $300 Million directly into our community to help get people working.
  • Every year, our partners help more than 75,000 people improve their skills, find jobs or advance their careers.
  • We work directly with 200+ businesses and community partners to get their workers and young people the training they need to be competitive.
  • We help generate more than $1.1 billion in new, annual wages for the region’s workers and economy.

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