Joanne had worked in an office for several years until her company moved out of the Portland area and she was laid off.  She went to WorkSource looking for help finding a new job and although she took advantage of several programs and services including attending career fairs and participating in job preparation workshops, she struggled to find employment.

Joanne earned a silver level National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), which bolstered her confidence in her job search.  Her Career Specialist at WorkSource encouraged her to apply for an opening in the accounting department at TCI America but despite her extensive office background, Joanne did not feel qualified for the position since it required some accounting skills.  That’s when she learned about the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program.

TCI America hired Joanne and using funds from the OJT program, trained her in the accounting skills that she was lacking.  She now has a great job and a new set of skills that she can take with her anywhere.  Joanne says of her new job: “Working again is a great feeling.  This program is a great resource for individuals who are willing to learn on the job and I would recommend it to other job seekers.”

On-the-Job Training funds provided through the Governor’s Back to Work Oregon initiative have helped over 600 people in our region just like Joanne get a job and receive training to help them be successful.  To date, the program has generated more than $19 million in annual wages earned by the participants.

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