Mancin Boyd


Born in Portland to leaders in the Civil Rights Movement, Mancin Boyd witnessed — the day after the infamous opossum incident — when another opossum was thrown from a police car in front of his family’s restaurant, The Boyd’s Cafe. He also experienced firsthand the impact of the city’s modernization efforts that removed vital parking spaces in front of his family’s business, decimating what was left of its vital business traffic. Those experiences fueled his journey. He sought to change the perspective of policymakers by becoming one of them, and he sought to educate hiring businesses to eliminate racist hiring practices. His message was simple: Hiring all people brings stability to the community, and more income to businesses that are in that community over time.

His first major job was an executive management training program called PACE at US Bank. He graduated as an officer of the bank and worked as a regional commercial loan officer and branch manager in North Portland. He has worked for many fortune 500 companies and later, worked for Tokyo Electron at Intel, prior to being embedded with the State of Oregon at WorkSource in Salem. He worked through the pandemic at the Urban League of Portland as an Employment Navigator in manufacturing, and then was hired by Worksystems in 2021.

Mancin enjoys chess, traveling, hiking, plays, live music, writing, and tennis. He’s always looking for system changes to make a better life for people.

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