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The COVID crisis has impacted vulnerable communities in our region with disproportionately high unemployment and thousands of families on the edge of losing their housing.  

With funding provided by local governments through the COVID-19 Rent Relief Program (CVRRP) and the Oregon Health Authority, Worksystems has provided rent assistance and cash support resources to assist job seekers most in need, prioritizing BIPOC households seeking job training and employment placement services. Resources were distributed through our partner network of culturally specific providers and other community organizations to ensure that funds reached and served BIPOC households.   

Customers of our Economic OpportunityNextGen and Community Navigator programs were primary recipients of rent assistance and this video contains testimonials for how these resources provided critical support to struggling job seekers in our region. Funding was provided by Portland Housing Bureau and the Joint Office of Homeless Services.  

Many thanks to our provider network for their coordinated response: IRCO, Central City Concern, POIC, New Avenues for Youth, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland Community College, Portland YouthBuilders, Urban League, Human Solutions, Home Forward, Latino Network, SE Works, Constructing Hope, and Oregon Tradeswoman.

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