The local technology industry is booming, providing great opportunity to keep Portland working. Information technology occupations exist within and across every sector and the sector is a significant contributor to the advancement, stability and vitality of the local economy. High projected growth provides ample employment opportunities and high wages support the prosperity of the region’s population.

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The tech industry is expected to grow 32% with 10,000 new jobs projected by 2022. To prepare for these jobs, job seekers much have the right mix of skills to help them find and keep work. Most job openings will require some post-secondary education although some occupations will be available for job seekers with less advanced skills.

We are working with industry stakeholders to identify the crucial gaps between supply and demand across the industry and to develop a work plan that will serve as a blueprint to direct and guide the activities and investments of the public workforce system through 2015.

For more information on our work with the high tech industry, contact Mancin Boyd.

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