Community Investments

We convene a network of community based organizations, each providing population-specific career coaching and support services to support vulnerable populations engaged in workforce training activities. Populations served include justice-involved individuals, those with housing instability and/or homelessness, communities of color, immigrants and refugees, individuals in recovery from addictions and those in poverty. This network has a shared goal of customers attaining career-track employment in industries with high demand occupations that provide pathways to middle-wage jobs. 

Our Economic Opportunity and Rent Assistance Programs Featured as National Best Practice!

One example of our community-based approach to serving vulnerable populations is the Economic Opportunity Program (EOP). This program has grown from five adult workforce development providers which deliver supportive and individually-tailored workforce development services to ten providers and counting. The program targets low-income residents, age 18 and older, who face multiple barriers to employment. Investment in the services available is generated through partnership with Prosper Portland (founding investor), joined by Multnomah County Department of Community Justice, and the Joint Office of Homeless Services. Eligible participants work toward their goals of becoming employed, and engage in coaching, skill development and training in order to achieve career pathway employment. In addition to supporting this network of community-based providers, Worksystems aligns resources available to EOP participants through Worksource Portland Metro (WSPM). Systems alignment has created a successful shared customer model with short-term rent assistance delivered by a dedicated housing hub and a demonstration project providing 12 months of child care resources through a partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Services to adults include:

  • Individual career plan development
  • Individualized career coaching
  • Career exploration resources
  • Work readiness training
  • Work experience placement and support
  • Job search assistance and placement
  • Retention and advancement supports after job placement

Additional services through partners include:

  • Child care vouchers for training
  • Contextualized, cohort‐based adult education
  • Job readiness courses
  • Sector­based bridge training
  • Occupational skills training leading to employer‐recognized certificates
  • Pre­apprenticeship programs in construction
  • Internships
  • On-the‐job training
  • Individualized job placement for certain industries and participants
  • Access to specialized scholarship funding in high-growth, high-wage industries, such as healthcare.

Current EOP providers are: Black Parent Initiative; Central City Concern; Constructing Hope; Human Solutions (also operates the housing hub); IRCO; Latino Network; Oregon Tradeswomen; POIC; SE Works (provides both justice-involved and professional immigrant focused programs); Urban League.

For more information about our Community Investment programs, contact Stacey Triplett.